Wattson x Crypto: The Electric Romance of Apex Legends

If you are a fan of Apex Legends, you might have noticed the sparks flying between two of the legends: Wattson and Crypto. Wattson, the cheerful and brilliant engineer, and Crypto, the mysterious and secretive hacker, have been developing a close bond over the seasons, despite their differences and challenges. In this blog post, we will explore the history, dynamics, and future of this fan-favorite ship.

How It All Began

Wattson and Crypto first met in Season 2, when Crypto sabotaged the Repulsor Tower and caused a massive EMP blast that unleashed the beasts of Kings Canyon. Wattson, who was responsible for maintaining the tower, was injured by the blast and had to be hospitalized. Crypto, who was posing as a games technician, visited her in the hospital and gave her a friendly hug, unaware that he was being watched by Bangalore.

In Season 3, Crypto officially joined the Apex Games as a legend, but kept his true identity and motives hidden from everyone. He also kept his distance from Wattson, who was still recovering from her injuries. However, he did show some concern for her when he saw her being attacked by a flyer in World’s Edge.

In Season 4, Wattson and Crypto started to interact more frequently, as they were both involved in the quest to find Revenant’s source code. They also discovered that they had some things in common, such as their love for science and technology. Wattson even gave Crypto a nickname: “Sparky”.

The Broken Trust

In Season 5, Wattson and Crypto’s relationship took a dark turn, when Caustic framed Crypto as the mole who was leaking information to Revenant. Wattson, who trusted Caustic as her mentor and friend, believed him and confronted Crypto with anger and disappointment. Crypto tried to explain that he was innocent, but Wattson refused to listen and accused him of being a liar and a traitor.

Crypto was hurt by Wattson’s words, but he didn’t give up on trying to clear his name and prove his innocence. He eventually found out that Caustic was the real mole and exposed him to the other legends. However, Wattson was still wary of Crypto and didn’t know who to trust anymore. She decided to distance herself from both of them and focus on her work.

The Reconciliation

In Season 6, Wattson and Crypto slowly began to mend their friendship, after Crypto revealed his real identity and backstory to Wattson. He told her that his name was Tae Joon Park, and that he was framed by the Syndicate for a crime he didn’t commit. He also told her that he joined the Apex Games to find his missing sister, Mila.

Wattson was surprised by Crypto’s confession, but she also felt sympathy for him. She realized that he was not a bad person, but a victim of circumstance. She also realized that she didn’t know much about him, and that he didn’t want her to be an enemy. She decided to give him another chance and trust him again.

Since then, Wattson and Crypto have been getting closer and more comfortable with each other. They have been exchanging friendly banter and compliments during matches, as well as sharing their thoughts and feelings outside of them. They have also been supporting each other through their struggles and challenges.

The Future

Wattson and Crypto’s relationship is still evolving and growing, as they learn more about each other and themselves. They have not officially declared their feelings for each other yet, but they have shown signs of mutual attraction and affection. Many fans are hoping that they will eventually become a couple, or at least admit their feelings.

However, there are also some obstacles and uncertainties that might prevent them from taking their relationship to the next level. For one thing, they are still competing in the Apex Games, which is a dangerous and violent sport that could put their lives at risk. For another thing, they are still facing threats from their enemies, such as the Syndicate, Revenant, or Caustic.

Will Wattson and Crypto overcome these challenges and find happiness together? Or will they fall apart under the pressure and lose each other? Only time will tell.


Wattson x Crypto is one of the most popular and intriguing ships in Apex Legends lore. It is a story of two opposites who attract each other despite their differences and difficulties.

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